Rack Protection

<p>Pallet Rack Protection is vital for busy warehouse environments to prevent accidents, protect valuable inventory, and extend the lifespan of your rack system.  Explore the diverse range of products below to protect your warehouse and ensure a safer, more productive environment.</p>

Upright and Column Protectors

<p>Upright and Column Protectors are safety devices used in warehouses and storage facilities to safeguard the vertical columns or uprights of pallet racking systems. These rack protectors are designed to absorb or distribute the force of impacts from forklifts, pallet jacks, or other material handling equipment.</p>

Barriers and End Frame Protectors

<p>Barriers and End Frame Protectors are designed to enhance safety and safeguard critical elements within warehouse or industrial environment. These protective products are essential for preventing collisions, minimising damage, and promoting a secure work environment.</p>