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Rack Protection

Shop our range of pallet racking protection products including rack end barriers, column guards and upright guards to protect warehouse racking against vehicle collisions.

Pallet Rack Protection

Pallet Rack Protection products help protect pallet racking against damage caused by warehouse vehicles. They effectively guard against structural damage caused in collisions and help create a safer working environment, extend the lifespan of pallet racking and reduce repair costs. A wide range of different products is available:

Upright and Column Protectors

To protect pallet racking uprights and columns, we provide column guards, upright metal guards, upright protectors and sacrificial legs.

Barriers and End Frame Protectors

To protect the rack ends, choose from rack end protection barriers, e-rail barrier kits, tubular barriers, U and L type rack end protection kits, single and double rail barrier kits. Corner guards and safety bollards are also available.

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