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Standard Wide Aisle Racking

Standard wide aisle racking is the most popular choice for warehouses, used by a wide range of industries across the world. It is capable of storing any pallet type with easy access to all pallets, no restrictions in layout and is flexible to adapt in the future.

In a standard wide aisle pallet racking installation, any pallet type can be stored and all pallets can be accessed with a standard forklift. As a highly flexible solution, standard width aisle racking can be installed as single or double depth racks, making it suitable for modern warehouse environments and a particularly popular choice with logistics companies.

The ability to choose from different heights, widths and depths allows your business to adapt the racking installation to your specific space specifications. Standard wide aisle racking is suitable for the storage of Euro, CHEP, disposable or captive pallets as well as mesh boxes and bins, giving you the greatest degree of flexibility for the use of your storage area.

With construction heights of up to 30 metres possible, standard wide aisle racking is extremely stable and capable of storing loads of up to 30 tonnes. The racking systems comply with all requirements of EN, FEM, SEMA, DIN and INSTA standards.

All components of the system are permanently corrosion resistant, ensuring a long life for your installation. It can be customised to your needs with a range of accessories, optional safety features, beams, angle supports and shelves. Signage and marking systems ensure that the pallet racking installation can be used efficiently by all staff, with stored pallets easy to organise and identify.

The racking system can be modified, adapted and extended at any point to suit changing storage requirements, making it a future proof investment that is tailored precisely to your requirements.

Standard Wide Aisle Pallet Racking at a Glance

  • No layout restrictions for stored pallets
  • 100% accessibility to pallets
  • Single or double depth racks
  • Heights up to 30 metres
  • Beam height adjustable in 50mm increments
  • Custom made solution with varying depths and widths
  • Can store all pallet types

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