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Browse our large selection of budget shelving, including garage shelving and metal shelving, ideal for homes and businesses.


At, we offer a wide range of shelving for use in domestic and professional environments. Ideal for warehouses, garages and other storage rooms, our shelving options provide a budget solution for increasing and optimising available storage space.

Industrial Shelving

Steel shelving with a bolt free construction method, industrial metal shelving is quick and easy to install and adjust. Both open and closed design options are available. An open design is ideal for accessing stored materials from any side, whilst a closed design protects stored materials on the backs and sides with access from the front.

Heavy Duty Garage Shelving

Heavy duty longspan shelving is ideal for storing goods in garages, warehouses and factories. The shelving units are very sturdy with a large load capacity, whilst being easy to install and access. Adjusting the shelf height is also easily done and starter shelving units can be extended with extension bays. Choose from economic and durable chipboard shelves and strong steel shelves.

Archive Shelving with Boxes

Archive shelving is well-suited for storing documents and other items in large volumes. The shelving bays come complete with archive boxes for a complete archive storage solution. These document shelving bays are ideal for small and large businesses and starter shelving units can easily be extended with extension bays when more storage space is required.

Budget Garage Shelving

Our budget garage shelving range is ideal for optimising storage in your garage, stockroom or workshop. An economic and affordable solution, the shelving units are sturdy and have a load capacity of up to 600kg. The units are quick and easy to build with a bolt free construction method. Well-suited for both domestic and commercial environments.

Wire Shelving

Our wire shelving units are excellent for environments where high hygienic standards, good air circulation and light penetration are essential. Quick to build, with a bolt free construction method, the shelves boast a hard wearing chrome finish and a high shelf load capacity. Ideal for environments like catering, retail, medical, electronic and engineering. Anti-bacterial wire shelving has been treated with an epoxy anti-bacterial coating preventing the build-up of germs, making these units ideal for kitchen and food preparation as well as hospital environments.

Plastic Shelving

Plastic shelving with aluminium frames is designed for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well as food production and catering environments. The system can be extended as required to accommodate more shelving units and corner supports are available for extension bays to be added at 90 degree angles. The plastic shelf panels are easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Shelving with Storage Bins

These shelving units come complete with a set of bins for organising and storing small parts, items and consumables. They are ideal for providing easy to access small parts storage in warehouses, factories and stores. Choose from different sizes and configurations to suit your storage requirements.

Shelving with Storage Boxes

If you are looking to store medium to large size items and parts in bulk, our shelving with large storage boxes might be the solution you have been looking for. The shelving units come complete with a configuration of storage containers, ideal for high capacity storage in a warehouse or workshop.

Hygienic Shelving

Easy to clean, often ventilated and effective in damp areas, hygienic shelving is ideal for use as healthcare shelving, catering shelving, commercial kitchen shelving, retail shelving and cold store shelving.  Choose from chrome wire shelving units, anti-bacterial wire shelving units, an aluminium framed plastic shelving system or plastic shelving with solid or ventilated shelves.

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