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Push Back Roller Racking

Push back roller racking can provide up to 75% more storage capacity in comparison to conventional wide aisle pallet racking, making it ideal for the storage of bulk goods. Pallets are stored in the racking installation by being pushed back by the next loaded pallet. When they are picked, the next one automatically rolls forward. This results in a quick and easy pick and deposit system on a FILO principle.

Push back roller racking is also known as dynamic pallet racking. It is ideal for storing bulk goods which can be accessed on the FILO principle (first in, last out). It is also ideal for the storage of goods which are picked at the same time. The pallet racking is fitted with channels of integrated roller conveyors, enabling you to run your storage facility smoothly and efficiently.

Each channel can hold up to ten pallets, with each pallet pushing the previous one further down the channel into the system. When a pallet is unloaded, the remaining pallets roll forward at a controlled pace, with the 4 degree incline built into the system allowing pallets to roll towards the picking face of the racking installation.

As all loading and picking takes place at the front of the pallet racking installation, the need for forklift truck movement is decreased and your workflow is optimised.

With push back roller racking, you can increase your storage capacity and streamline your warehouse operations at the same time, saving you time and money.

Push Back Roller Racking at a Glance

  • Works on FILO principle
  • Storage capacity is increased by up to 75%
  • Quick and easy access to all channels
  • Loading and picking from the front of the racking
  • Need for forklift truck movement is minimised
  • Ideal for bulk or cold storage

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