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Plastic Shelving with Steel Frames

Shop our range of plastic solid and vented shelving, ideal for catering, hospital and chemcial industry environments. Removable polypropylene shelving panels are suitable for the dishwasher and resistant to moisture, grease, acids and alkalis, while steel frames provide strength and rigidity.

Plastic Shelving with Steel Frames

Plastic shelving that uses strong box section electroplated steel frames with protective antimicrobial epoxy coating and removable polypropylene shelf panels to create a hygienic shelving system that is ideal for use in catering and healthcare settings.  The removable shelves can be solid to catch spills, vented for breathability and increased air circulation, or a mixture of both.  The operating temperature of -30oC to +90oC makes it suitable for use in freezer rooms and coldstores. 

A corrosion resistant finish that is guaranteed for 10 years and high load capacities makes this plastic shelving system an ideal long term investment for commercial kitchens, hopsitals, care homes and pharmaceutical companies.

The shelving is extremely easy to clean and the plastic shelf panels are dishwasher safe and resistant to mositure, grease, acids and alkalis.

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