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Multi-Tier Pallet Racking

In a multi-tier pallet racking system, goods are stored over several levels which are accessible by walkways. The installation uses the full height of a building, maximising storage capacity and delivering increased functionality.

Multi-tier pallet racking maximises the use of floor space by creating a multi-storey pallet racking structure using the full height of the building. The structure has integrated walkways and lanes allowing for hand picking at different levels.

This type of racking is ideal for carton, box and garment storage and is often more economical to install than mezzanine floors. The number of picking points can be increased by combining wooden, mesh or steel decking.

A wide range of stairs, handrails and pallet gates can be used to customise the system. Sprinkler and lighting systems can easily be integrated to improve safety.

Multi-tier pallet racking can be constructed from the ground up or on top of a mezzanine floor designed and built for this specific purpose, allowing you to use the storage area below the structure.

Multi-tier racking is a very versatile solution for premises where the full volume of a building needs to be used or where storage should be maximised within a tight footprint.

Multi-Tier Pallet Racking at a Glance

  • Maximises use of floor space
  • Order picking on each level
  • Can be a more economical alternative to a mezzanine floor
  • Combined pallet and small goods storage
  • Full range of accessories available
  • Up to 6 walkway levels
  • Heights of up to 19m
  • Walkway heights of 2775mm
  • Walkway aisle widths from 800mm to 1800mm

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