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Mobile shelving is a great option for businesses that want to make efficient use of space and increase their available storage capacity without increasing their footprint.

A mobile shelving system consists of several rows of mobile shelving units which are installed on rails. They can be operated by a hand crank or electrically, with an electronic control panel which is located at the end of the shelving. This means that only one aisle is required, saving your business valuable space when installing this shelving system.

Mobile shelving is ideal for businesses that require more storage space or need their storage to take up less space, to free up office space, for example.

Our range of mobile shelving is modular and versatile, with a large range of accessories available, meaning it can be customised to your requirements not only in functionality, but it can also be expanded when required and designed to suit the aesthetics of your office environment. Extremely robust, mobile shelving is a long-lasting solution which can be tailored exactly to your needs.


In archive repositories, it is particularly important to maximise storage capacity and optimise workflow, whilst keeping documents easily accessible. Mobile archive shelving can double the available storage space of an archive facility, when compared to traditional shelving. A floating aisle provides quick and easy access to all shelving units, leaving more space to be used for storing documents and other items. Access to aisles can also be limited, allowing for the secure storage of sensitive documents with restricted access.


Our shelving systems are suitable both for front-of-house public access and back-of-house centralised storage archives in libraries. The design is aesthetically pleasing with a number of different finish options to ensure that the shelving will suit the interior of your library. Shelving can be supplied with perforations to aid in ventilation and the preservation of books. For back-of-house shelving, our mobile options are ideal, allowing you to store more books on a smaller footprint than traditional shelving systems would allow.


Museums require storage for a wide variety of objects in different sizes, ranging from large paintings to jewellery and medals. We offer a wide range of museum storage options for a comprehensive solution including racking systems as well as shelving with integrated accessories that have been specifically designed for museum storage. A mobile shelving installation will allow you to maximise the storage capacity, whilst also providing built-in security with the ability to limit access to specific aisles.


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