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Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking is ideal for high density storage, saving up to 40% of space and providing 80% more storage capacity compared to standard pallet racking. This makes it the ideal pallet racking solution when space is limited or additional storage is required.

Mobile pallet racking allows you to use the available space and storage capabilities of your warehouse in an optimal way. In a warehouse that is pressed for space, mobile pallet racking can provide a high density racking solution that will fit into a tight footprint and save the cost of an expansion or relocation.

The system is electronically powered using advanced sensor technology. It uses adjustable control options to ensure safety and smooth operation. The heavy-duty system runs on embedded rails which can carry loads of up to 24 tonnes. Racking can be installed to heights of up to 12 metres and in runs of up to 90 metres.

Mobile pallet racking can be used in all warehouse environments including cold storage, as it is guaranteed to operate safely at temperatures as low as -30C and can be used in temperatures down to -40C. A wide range of accessories is available and the racking system is modularly designed, which means that it can be fitted to the exact specifications of your warehouse, with rails, bases and control system chosen in line with your workflow requirements.

By making the most of your existing or new facility in terms of storage space and efficiency, mobile pallet racking can help reduce your overall cost.

Mobile Pallet Racking at a Glance

  • Requires only one operating aisle
  • Requires up to 40% less space than conventional pallet racking
  • Can increase storage capacity by 80%
  • Suitable for use with both narrow aisle man-up forklift trucks and standard wide aisle forklift trucks
  • Heavy duty system with high storage capacity
  • Can carry loads of up to 24 tonnes
  • Racks of up to 12 metres high and up to 90 metres long
  • Each pallet is completely accessible
  • Tailor-made storage solution
  • Modularly designed to work in any warehouse or facility environment
  • Designed according to European directive 2006/42/EG and DIN EN 15095 specifications for safety

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