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Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-in racking is an extremely high density racking system for the bulk storage of goods, with up to 90% more effective use of space than traditional pallet racking. The system is best suited for the same or similar types of goods. Aisles are not required as forklift trucks can simply drive into the racking system to pick and deposit pallets, on a FILO principle.

Because drive-in racking does not require aisles for loading or picking, pallet rows can be placed next to each other, allowing maximum use of space for storage. This means that drive-in pallet racking can make 90% more effective use of space than standard wide aisle racking. Forklift trucks are used to store pallets on front to back rails on supports which are installed on each side of the drive-in channels.

Drive-in racking provides extra access to goods in comparison to block stacking, where pallets are stored on top of each other. It is also a better solution for bulk storage of goods that are too delicate or unsteady to be block stacked.

Pallets are not accessible on an individual bases, but rather one after the other at the front of the rack, on a FILO basis (first in, last out). For this reason, drive-in pallet racking is ideal for high density storage of identical/similar products or items that are loaded and picked at the same time.

The load bearing surface rails are smooth and even, supported by brackets that slot into the uprights. They are adjustable by 50mm and an automatic safety lock ensures they cannot accidentally be dislodged. Brightly coloured pallet guides help drivers quickly and precisely place loads onto the pallet racking.

A drive-in racking system will help you maximise the storage capacity of your warehouse, making the most of your available footprint.

Drive-In Pallet Racking at a Glance

  • Ideal for a high density warehouse or facility with maximised storage space
  • Largest number of pallets stored per cubic metre in comparison to other pallet racking systems
  • Well-suited for seasonal goods or for bulk storage of identical or similar goods
  • Suitable for cold and chill storage systems
  • Works by FILO principles
  • Good for bulk storage of fragile or unstable goods

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