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Speedlock MK3 Pallet Racking

Adaptable, flexible and still one of the most popular racking systems used, Speedlock MK3 can store any pallet type and provides a long-lasting storage solution.

One of the most used pallet racking systems in the world today, the Dexion Speedlock MK3 system can be custom-made to fit to your exact requirements.  Compatible with all types and sizes of pallet and for use with any kind of handling equipment, the Speedlock MK3 is designed to exceptionally high standards.  The system has a wide range of accessories and safety features that provide versatility and ensure the racking installation is long lasting. 

Though the Dexion P90 pallet racking system has now replaced, the complete range of components and accessories for Speedlock MK3 are still available.  Extra bays or aisles of Speedlock MK3 can be installed and systems repaired or updated with parts and accessories.

If you would like more information on Speedlock MK3 you can download a brochure or speak to one of our experienced sales team on 0161 696 7363.


Standard Dimensions:
Beams are available in lengths from 914mm to 4877mm (in increments of 25 and 76mm).

Boxed, open and stepped beams are available in 11 different profiles depending on the application and load requirements.

  • Open beams – five sizes 
    • 60x48x1.7mm,
    • 78x48x1.7mm,
    • 101x48x1.7mm,
    • 101x48x2.25,
    • 104x48x2.5mm
  • Boxed beams – five sizes
    • 86x48x1.7mm
    • 95x48x1.7mm
    • 103x48x1.7mm
    • 123x48x1.7mm
    • 146x48x1.8mm

Stepped beams are designed to accommodate Dexion’s wide range of metal and heavy duty shelving. 

Uprights and frames are designed for optimum strength and rigidity.  Available in a wide range of heights and widths, with four different profiles; Regular (R), Medium (M), Heat (H) and Extra Heavy Duty (E), to meet loading requirements up to 23,000kg.

Beams and uprights are provided phosphate and stove enameled in grey and safety orange (alternative colours are available on request).

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